Photo Waddle: Greenwich Park

Saturday morning I carefully packed my lee filters in their new lee filters field pouch, grabbed my kitbag and tripod and headed out towards Greenwich Park.

A medium tube journey and short bus ride later I found myself on the very edge of Greenwich park looking up at the Royal Observatory. I decided it was time for my first picture of the day.

tumblr post - greenwhich park-1

For a bit more drama I decided to go as low as my tripod would allow, letting the grass be the foreground and the branches of the tree frame the Royal Observatory.

I took quite a few pictures from this location, trying out different compositions and pretty much only moving a meter here and there. Several nice doggies decided to see if my camera was made out of bacon. I recommend using a lens hood whilst being this close to the ground in a canine rich area.

tumblr post - greenwhich park-2

I walked towards the Royal Observatory, but decided to approach it from the side for an alternative approach. By now the wind was getting rather aggressive and it was a struggle to keep my cap on my head. This also turned out to be a problem for my long exposure, none of which was sufficiently sharp to share, which is why we have one with just a 1/15th of a second here.

National Maritime Museum and Canary Wharf

After a another forty minutes of exploring the park in different directions without much to show for it was time to head up to the viewing point outside the Royal Observatory. Thankfully, the wind had calmed down and I managed to get this rather moody shot of the crispy white National Maritime Museum set against the Canary Wharf glass and concrete jungle.

All the hiking up and down the hills in the wind for two hours had by now left me both hungry and exhausted. Thankfully, The Opera Tavern in Covent Garden had a table free. Prosecco is so refreshing.

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