Photo Waddle: Osterley Park

Lately, I have felt I cannot take photos as often as I want, which has left me stressed during the weekends trying to do everything at once. It struck me this restriction was self imposed and I decided to bring my camera with me to work a few times each month. I always go for a walk during my lunch break anyway, but haven’t really felt there is much of interest out in Brentford/Osterley where my office is. But, I remembered seeing some horses in Osterley Park last year and equestrian photography is pretty cool. It also seemed like the perfect time to try out my new Fuji XF1.4X WR Teleconverter in combination with the XF50-140f2.8 lens. That night I dreamed of elegant and noble portraits of handsome stallions.

It turned out to be a lovely day. One of those sunny, but still crisp and cold, early spring days. A perfect day for high contrast photos. A not so perfect day day for leaving your sports cap at home. For most of my walk I could hardly see a thing.

Anyway, back to the actual photo waddle.

photo waddle - osterley park-1
Picture 1 – Tufts of grass outside of the park

Immediately outside the park there is a little patch of grass which obviously had not received a lot of TLC, bit the tufts of grass created some interesting patterns and shadows. Clickety-click.

Picture 2 - A teeny weeny horse
Picture 2 – A teeny weeny horse

After all that talk of horses they were just too far away to be of much interest. I could barely see them shooting against the sun as well. One blurred picture of a tiny horse is not a good result. I’ll be back though!

Picture 3 - Some withered plant
Picture 3 – Some withered plant

Thought the plant looked interesting being all withered and dried up.

Picture 4 - Two trees
Picture 4 – Two trees

The two trees together with the shrubbery in the background gave this image a nice feeling of depth.

Picture 5 - Friend or foe?
Picture 5 – Friend or foe?

This guy, or girl, waddled up to me whilst I was crouching nearby trying to get a shot of another group of birds. I quickly retreated a few steps just in case this was some kind of carnivorous duck, but managed to capture his evil eye. I love the detail in the feathers of his neck and how clear his eye came out. Or hers.

Picture 6 - X marks the spot
Picture 6 – X marks the spot

My favourite image of the day. High contrast and lovely patterns, but I had to spend twenty minutes with Photoshop to clear up all the floaty bits in the water.

Not a bad day’s work.

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