X-Pro2 ACROS: A Portrait Session with Irene

The wait is finally over. The Fujifilm X-Pro2 has arrived and I got mine on the first day of March. Due to an irrational fear of scratching the screen it has not seen any use outside of my flat so far, but I have had plenty of time to fiddle about with it. I played around with the settings quite a lot and took pictures of tea mugs, my feet and even the TV. None of which will feature on this post. Speaking of settings, I also experienced the mysterious ‘reset bug’ which resets all settings except time and date. It only happened once so not a big deal. Other than that it has been a great time, the X-Pro2 just feels fantastic to shoot with. I cannot wait to take it out for some proper Street Photography as soon as my screen protector arrives.

As Saturday turned out be another rainy day in London, surprise surprise, I figured it was time to test Fujifilm’s new film simulation, ACROS for some portraits. Irene, my partner, had by a lucky coincidence bought a new hat and was happy to model for me. Our London flat might be tiny but it does have large windows with gorgeous natural light. We were both delighted with the result, which was probably lucky for me.

Until now I have never been much for film simulations, but ACROS is so charming and pretty much a perfect match to how I like my black and white. ACROS JPGs have nice contrast with lovely deep shadows and crisp highlights. I used the low grain setting which gave just enough texture for my personal taste. Normally, I never transfer JPGs to Lightroom. They are only used as a guide while I’m shooting, but this might have to change now.

All images are shot with the new Fujifilm X-Pro2 using the ACROS film simulation with +2 shadows and +1 highlights and with minimal post edits.
irene acros-2irene acros-5irene acros-1irene acros-3irene acros-4irene acros-6irene acros-7



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