African Street Style Festival 2016

Great hat!
Great hat!

In 2013, the African Street Style Festival was created, one of the projects created and delivered by SIMPLICIOUS an emerging London based organisation, delivering a programme of events, projects and activities.

The simple objective behind the festival was to provide a unique, open, street-based platform to highlight and celebrate the influence of African creativity in London… we achieve this through welcoming emerging and established artists to share their talents in photography, public and visual art, music, fashion, film, and live performance.

On Sunday the 24th of July I decided to pop down to the African Street Style Festival to give myself a chance to try something different. I’m sure my X-Pro2 was as delighted as me as we have never seen so many beautiful people in one place. I decided to travel as light as possible and only took the XF50-140mm lens with me and a reflector.

The festival was located in Arnold Circus, Shoreditch, which is where I quite often do my portrait shoots as it is a lovely location which is relatively quiet, but still within easy reach from the train station. The area also offers a lot of nice cafes for tired models and photographers to rest in and review the pictures. There is also an abundance of photogenic brick walls, which are a fantastic background for monochrome photos. Anyway.

We got there just before midday and there really was not a lot of people there yet. The stalls selling African clothing and jewellery were already ready to go and so was a little food stand, but models, photographers and stall owners outnumbered actual visitors. I did not let that bother me and was happy to be able to take photos in peace and quiet before the fashion show started, and spent the next three hours walking around taking photos. Everyone seemed more than happy to have their photo taken.

The African Street Style Festival was a really fun event, and a great photography occasion.

Sample photos below and the full gallery can be found HERE. If you recognise yourself in one of the photos please do contact and I will happily send you a copy.

Fabulous clothes and pose
Fabulous clothes and pose
Model at rest
Model at rest
A necessity at any festival.
A necessity at any festival.

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