A Study in ACROS: Sophie

A few of my favourite photos from my portrait session with Sophie in Shoreditch. All pictures taken with the X-PRO2 and the ACROS film simulation with one of the following XF lenses: 35mm2F, 56mm1.2F, 90mm2F.Read more

Photo Waddle: Nymans

This was a different to other waddles as a car was used as the main means of transportation. It’s funny how I never been interested in driving, I don’t find it fun, and I don’t feel I need it. Until I started photography that is. Living in a city like London offers a plethora of wonderful things to photograph, but you are still mostly restricted to urban environments and now for the first time I feel restricted. Having said thatRead more

Frozen: Annaleena

Frozen is back! It took a while for my second set of frozen photos to become reality, and for a while it felt like the stars really needed to align before it could happen. I had a shots cancelled by rain, cold weather, too windy and even one of them silver painted men looking like Winston Churchill steal my spot, but then it all came together. Big thanks to my model Annaleena who looked absolutely fabulous and did a fantasticRead more

The Case for the Hasselblad X1D

I admit I find the Hasselblad X1D immensely attractive, its appearance is almost reason enough to want it. If Apple made cameras this is what it would look like, and probably have a similar price as well. The X1D is a camera begging me to hold it, use it, press its button all while quietly whispering ‘my precious’ to yourself. Jokes aside it looks like a fabulous piece of engineering and I really look forward to trying it out inRead more

City Break – Oslo

As I write this our flight just took off from Heathrow, London, but not before I managed to snap myself a quick picture of the airport lounge. I’ve always been a big fan of the photographs of  silhouettes of people you see in airport lounges, but sadly no one was in place and I didn’t have time to wait. Next time.  Once again I find myself travelling towards a location which I know almost nothing about. I really need toRead more

Oslo City Break – What’s in my bag?

Funny how part of the reason I bought Fuji was to save on weight, but I still ended up taking all my gear with me everywhere I went. That your gear weighs less just seems to mean you bring more and then most of the time I did not use most of it anyway. This is something I have tried to pay more attention to lately and for my street photography I just bring camera plus lens. For portrait workRead more

The Dress

I just want to show you some of the pictures we took from a 50s fashion shoot showing off Sandra’s new dress. Some dresses are just so fabulous they deserve that extra bit of attention so we even found a make up artist and made a special effort with the location of the shoot. For a rose covered dress what better location could there be than Queen Mary’s Gardens in Regent’s Park? It just happens to be one of the finestRead more

Photo Waddle – The Brixton Windmill

I have a dream people. A dream of photographing a windmill. Ideally a long exposure with some nice fluffy clouds. Living in London I thought my dream would sadly remain a dream until I organised to travel to Holland. Then one day I thought I’d google it to see if there were any windmills in London. Almost fell off my chair as there are more than one and one was even a twenty minute tube ride away. The Brixton WindmillRead more