Photo Waddle – The Brixton Windmill

I have a dream people. A dream of photographing a windmill. Ideally a long exposure with some nice fluffy clouds. Living in London I thought my dream would sadly remain a dream until I organised to travel to Holland. Then one day I thought I’d google it to see if there were any windmills in London. Almost fell off my chair as there are more than one and one was even a twenty minute tube ride away.

The Brixton Windmill is a 200 year old recently refurbished fully functional flour grinding behemoth in the middle of a little park. Who would have thought!

The weather forecast l finally looked promising and I set my alarm to 7am. Upon waking up the weather gods had changed their mind from sunny with fluffy clouds to just overcast. I clenched my fists in anger and stubbornly went down to inspect the site and see what I could do.

Upon arrival I realised the site is much smaller than I expected, but I was confident I could get some nice shots with the XF 10-24mm lens. Then it started raining.

I took shelter under a tree until there was a break and ran out and took some snaps handheld before admitting defeat.

I’ll be back though.

All photos taken with the X-Pro 2 and the XF10-24mm lens.

From down below
From down below
From down below
From down below
A shy windmill
A shy windmill

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