City Break – Oslo

As I write this our flight just took off from Heathrow, London, but not before I managed to snap myself a quick picture of the airport lounge. I’ve always been a big fan of the photographs of  silhouettes of people you see in airport lounges, but sadly no one was in place and I didn’t have time to wait. Next time. 

I widh our lounge was bigger and a man wearing a suit and an umbrella would have stopped for a brief moment to pose for me…

Once again I find myself travelling towards a location which I know almost nothing about. I really need to be more organised and plan my photography locations in advance. Luckily, I am meeting a local who can hopefully give me some advice of where to bring my camera. I suspect it will be a frantic evening of googling in the hotel room. We are staying for four night so there should be time to do research. 

Wish me luck. 

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