Hasselblad X1D: First Impressions

Just back from my X1D demo at the Classic Camera Store in London and I want to share my first impressions with you. Overall I am impressed and I want it!

Holy moly what a great looking camera. As expected it was a pre-production unit so a few units were rather temperamental, but one was fairly solid so I made sure that was the one I got my hands on. They had a model in place with some strobes which was great as I could try out the camera in a scenario I am likely to use it and then also have a quick play with Phocus. I was blown away by the sharpness of my images and the detail (and the model). You could just zoom and zoom and zoom long after my X-Pro2 files would have given up.

Phocus was also surprisingly responsive considering the size of the files (~70MB). The Hasselblad dealer told me the camera produces compressed files (70MB), but then Phocus decompress them to a much larger size. Not sure how large they will end being when in Lightroom the a full sized JPEG was ~300MB. Think Zenfolio has a 65MB file size limit đŸ™‚

Just like everyone else has reported the touch screen and the UI work great and have a easy to  understand layout so nothing new to say there. Buttons for locking exposure and focus were not super easy to reach I thought, but I suspect I will get used to it. Just like on my Fuji cameras.

I really liked the lenses as well; they felt very compact and solid in hand. Cant imagine there being any build quality issues. Somewhat concerned with how responsive they were for manual focus. I would have liked to see them less responsive for when fine tuning the focus.

Last thing I tested was shooting wide open, mostly to see how the out of focus areas looked. Not quite sure about the result though. Wish I could have tried it out outside doing a portrait with a tree in the background or something similar. We were of course not allowed to take any files with to study at home.

The Hasselblad representative seemed fairly sure there would a cable release via USB in the near future as they had received loads of requests for this. She did show me the app and it seemed pretty good actually. Connecting was much faster than on my Fuji cameras and it was responsive, but it was of course not quite ready yet. We have heard this before now. Not really worried about this as I am confident Hasselblad will deliver.

The bad news was that there still is no confirmed release date and the representatives were not sure of where B&H had come up with the 15th of September. All they knew was the X1D is scheduled for release from mid (or end) September.

I will still make sure I get some hands on with a actual production unit, but I am fairly confident I will buy a X1D at some point.

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