A Tale of Two Swedes: New Beginnings

another hasselblad for profile

For a long time I lusted after the Hasselblad X1D, but ended up with a Fujifilm GFX instead. Even though I am confident I choose the right camera, I still could not help longing for a Swedish comrade.  The longer I live abroad the more Swedish I felt, and the more Scandinavian made products entered my home. Maybe it was to remind myself of my roots, or perhaps just retail therapy to help me cope with turning 40 years old. Either way, I started researching the old Hasselblad film cameras and after many a late evening spent on YouTube and eBay I decided to go for a Hasselblad 501CM. It seemed like the 501CM was a good compromise between affordability, availability and function.

Initially the decision to go for a film camera surprised me as I have previously thought film seemed like a lot of effort, but also very costly. First, I looked only at early models from the Hasselblad H system. The V series however kept popping up in my searches and  I could not help thinking not only are the V series cameras striking, they are also refreshingly simple. Their only function was to take photographs without the bells and whistles we see on our modern digital cameras. I have for a while now felt that I have to restrict my social media to posting fitness and portrait pictures so by going back to basics with the equipment I could focus on my creativity again.

I have created a new Instagram account, A Tale of Two Swedes, where you can follow our adventures.

Apart from the 501CM body I also got two A12 film backs and a Carl Zeiss CB 80mm f2.8 lens to start with. A West Euro-Master light meter also founds its way to me via eBay and I just love it, not only does it look great it’s also pretty accurate. I will see how I get on with this to start with, but knowing me I want a longer focal length and perhaps a macro lens as well.

#believeinfilm folks!

1 response to A Tale of Two Swedes: New Beginnings

  1. Ravi B says:

    When only the best is good enough! Bring it next time we go shooting and I will bring my 50mm and 120mm macro.

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