Photo Waddle – The Brixton Windmill

I have a dream people. A dream of photographing a windmill. Ideally a long exposure with some nice fluffy clouds. Living in London I thought my dream would sadly remain a dream until I organised to travel to Holland. Then one day I thought I’d google it to see if there were any windmills in London. Almost fell off my chair as there are more than one and one was even a twenty minute tube ride away. The Brixton WindmillRead more

African Street Style Festival 2016

In 2013, the African Street Style Festival was created, one of the projects created and delivered by SIMPLICIOUS an emerging London based organisation, delivering a programme of events, projects and activities. The simple objective behind the festival was to provide a unique, open, street-based platform to highlight and celebrate the influence of African creativity in London… we achieve this through welcoming emerging and established artists to share their talents in photography, public and visual art, music, fashion, film, and liveRead more