Photo Waddle: Richmond Park

I decided to head down to Richmond Park to scout out some potential compositions. After doing first doing some research online I had found a few interesting locations. The first one would be Pen Ponds for some nice reflections, maybe even during sunrise/sunset. The second location I found was King Henry’s Mound where you not only have a nice view down towards Twickenham there is also a telescope you let’s you see all the way to St Paul’s Cathedral. LastRead more

Photo Waddle: Nymans

This was a different to other waddles as a car was used as the main means of transportation. It’s funny how I never been interested in driving, I don’t find it fun, and I don’t feel I need it. Until I started photography that is. Living in a city like London offers a plethora of wonderful things to photograph, but you are still mostly restricted to urban environments and now for the first time I feel restricted. Having said thatRead more

Photo Waddle – The Brixton Windmill

I have a dream people. A dream of photographing a windmill. Ideally a long exposure with some nice fluffy clouds. Living in London I thought my dream would sadly remain a dream until I organised to travel to Holland. Then one day I thought I’d google it to see if there were any windmills in London. Almost fell off my chair as there are more than one and one was even a twenty minute tube ride away. The Brixton WindmillRead more

Photo Waddle: A Rugby Game

I was pretty much blown away by the auto focus speed of the new X-Pro2 after doing some portraits and street photography. To really challenge my new camera I wanted to try some sports photography, and luckily I live close by to Regent’s Park where most weekends you can find a live game of rugby being played. After some googling I found out that Belsize Park RFC was playing Datchworth Rugby Club on a Saturday when we had nothing planned. Match dayRead more

Photo Waddle: Canary Wharf

For my first outdoor trip with my spanking new X-Pro2 I decided to go to Canary Wharf. The plan was to take some dramatic photos of the escalators inside the tube station and then move outside for some long exposures of the station itself. After that I just wanted to focus on the various tall buildings in the area, which is not something I would normally photograph. Trying new things is the best way to learn and grow as aRead more

Photo Waddle: Syon Park

I was desperate to squeeze the lovely trigger button on my X-T1 before the weekend arrived, but the days kept raining away. Finally, on Friday the sun made an appearance and I packed my tripod, filters and camera and went to work. I wanted to do some long exposure shots of Syon House, the London home of the 12th Duke of Northumberland. The sky remained stubbornly blue until lunch time when perfect, fluffy clouds appeared. The timing could not have beenRead more

Photo Waddle: Osterley Park

Lately, I have felt I cannot take photos as often as I want, which has left me stressed during the weekends trying to do everything at once. It struck me this restriction was self imposed and I decided to bring my camera with me to work a few times each month. I always go for a walk during my lunch break anyway, but haven’t really felt there is much of interest out in Brentford/Osterley where my office is. But, I remembered seeingRead more