Photo of the Month: January

It’s 6:30 am on Saturday morning and sleep was evading me. Figured I might as well drag myself out of bed and chase a sunrise instead of counting sheep. I quickly gathered my gear, gave my sleeping girlfriend a peck on the cheek and headed out into the cold. Half an hour later, and with a few minutes to spare before sunrise, I was on the viewing point of Primrose Hill and in spite of my frozen fingers managed toRead more

Photo Waddle: Greenwich Park

Saturday morning I carefully packed my lee filters in their new lee filters field pouch, grabbed my kitbag and tripod and headed out towards Greenwich Park. A medium tube journey and short bus ride later I found myself on the very edge of Greenwich park looking up at the Royal Observatory. I decided it was time for my first picture of the day. For a bit more drama I decided to go as low as my tripod would allow, lettingRead more