A Study in ACROS: Elena

Another Sunday, another portrait shoot in Shoreditch. This time I met up¬†with Elena and we spent the next two hours snapping away. For the first time for one of these portrait shoots I did bring a flash to have more control over the light. It’s quite a lot heavier to carry all that with me, but I am very pleased with the result so it was worth the back ache in the end. If you want to have your portraitRead more

A Study in ACROS: Sophie

A few of my favourite photos from my portrait session with Sophie in Shoreditch. All pictures taken with the X-PRO2 and the ACROS film simulation with one of the following XF lenses: 35mm2F, 56mm1.2F, 90mm2F.Read more

Photo Waddle: Canary Wharf

For my first outdoor trip with my spanking new X-Pro2 I decided to go to Canary Wharf. The plan was to take some dramatic photos of the escalators inside the tube station and then move outside for some long exposures of the station itself. After that I just wanted to focus on the various tall buildings in the area, which is not something I would normally photograph. Trying new things is the best way to learn and grow as aRead more

X-Pro2 ACROS: A Portrait Session with Irene

The wait is finally over. The Fujifilm X-Pro2 has arrived and I got mine on the first day of March. Due to an irrational fear of scratching the screen it has not seen any use outside of my flat so far, but I have had plenty of time to fiddle about with it. I played around with the settings quite a lot and took pictures of tea mugs, my feet and even the TV. None of which will feature on thisRead more