A Twosome – Jenny and Tim

On a sunny, late summer morning I went down to Hyde Park to meet Jenny and Tim for a couple’s portrait shoot. When we arrived the BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park was in full swing, but it is a big park so we quickly found a nice quiet spot to setup. The old rock classics were nice as background music I have to say. Jenny and Tim impressed me straight away with some nice lifts, which they had practicedRead more

Photo Waddle: Richmond Park

I decided to head down to Richmond Park to scout out some potential compositions. After doing first doing some research online I had found a few interesting locations. The first one would be Pen Ponds for some nice reflections, maybe even during sunrise/sunset. The second location I found was King Henry’s Mound where you not only have a nice view down towards Twickenham there is also a telescope you let’s you see all the way to St Paul’s Cathedral. LastRead more

Frozen: Annaleena

Frozen is back! It took a while for my second set of frozen photos to become reality, and for a while it felt like the stars really needed to align before it could happen. I had a shots cancelled by rain, cold weather, too windy and even one of them silver painted men looking like Winston Churchill steal my spot, but then it all came together. Big thanks to my model Annaleena who looked absolutely fabulous and did a fantasticRead more

Photo Waddle – The Brixton Windmill

I have a dream people. A dream of photographing a windmill. Ideally a long exposure with some nice fluffy clouds. Living in London I thought my dream would sadly remain a dream until I organised to travel to Holland. Then one day I thought I’d google it to see if there were any windmills in London. Almost fell off my chair as there are more than one and one was even a twenty minute tube ride away. The Brixton WindmillRead more

Frozen: Melike

I finally managed to get out and shoot the first images of my new project, Frozen. The plan was to find a location interesting enough to be a motive in itself and combine that with a long exposure portrait. I have always liked the view of St Paul’s from the Millennium Bridge so the location was easy. The one thing I knew I wanted was the model to wear a hat, and for my first project I was looking for aRead more

Photo Waddle: Osterley Park

Lately, I have felt I cannot take photos as often as I want, which has left me stressed during the weekends trying to do everything at once. It struck me this restriction was self imposed and I decided to bring my camera with me to work a few times each month. I always go for a walk during my lunch break anyway, but haven’t really felt there is much of interest out in Brentford/Osterley where my office is. But, I remembered seeingRead more