Fuji Professional Services: First Impressions

Canon and Nikon have offered “pro” grade repair and support to photographers eligible for their professional services for quite some time now. With the rise of the GFX50S, Fuji launched their own service, Fuji Professional Services (FPS). Normally, when you have gear malfunctioning you might be expected to go through your retailer who will then send it off to the manufacturer for repair, but this service cuts out the middle man with a direct line to the manufacturer. In theoryRead more

60 minutes with the Fuji GFX 50s

A few weeks ago I reached out to Fujifilm UK and asked if there would be a launch event or something similar where I could as quickly as possible try out the GFX. It turns out there was a launch event in the UK, but it was a closed event and I had already missed it. To my surprise, Fujifilm offered to meet me at my local cafe for breakfast and a cheeky private demo. Concerns from using X-Series CamerasRead more

Photo Waddle: Richmond Park

I decided to head down to Richmond Park to scout out some potential compositions. After doing first doing some research online I had found a few interesting locations. The first one would be Pen Ponds for some nice reflections, maybe even during sunrise/sunset. The second location I found was King Henry’s Mound where you not only have a nice view down towards Twickenham there is also a telescope you let’s you see all the way to St Paul’s Cathedral. LastRead more

Hasselblad X1D: First Impressions

Just back from my X1D demo at the Classic Camera Store in London and I want to share my first impressions with you. Overall I am impressed and I want it! Holy moly what a great looking camera. As expected it was a pre-production unit so a few units were rather temperamental, but one was fairly solid so I made sure that was the one I got my hands on. They had a model in place with some strobes whichRead more

Oslo City Break – What’s in my bag?

Funny how part of the reason I bought Fuji was to save on weight, but I still ended up taking all my gear with me everywhere I went. That your gear weighs less just seems to mean you bring more and then most of the time I did not use most of it anyway. This is something I have tried to pay more attention to lately and for my street photography I just bring camera plus lens. For portrait workRead more

Photo Waddle: Canary Wharf

For my first outdoor trip with my spanking new X-Pro2 I decided to go to Canary Wharf. The plan was to take some dramatic photos of the escalators inside the tube station and then move outside for some long exposures of the station itself. After that I just wanted to focus on the various tall buildings in the area, which is not something I would normally photograph. Trying new things is the best way to learn and grow as aRead more

Frozen: Melike

I finally managed to get out and shoot the first images of my new project, Frozen. The plan was to find a location interesting enough to be a motive in itself and combine that with a long exposure portrait. I have always liked the view of St Paul’s from the Millennium Bridge so the location was easy. The one thing I knew I wanted was the model to wear a hat, and for my first project I was looking for aRead more

Review: Lee Filters Field Pouch

My preference is to travel light and bring as little gear as possible with me. That’s true whether I’m in London to capture moody cityscapes or in northern Sweden for icy sunrise landscapes. For my long exposure work all I need is my X-T1 camera with the XF16-55mmf2.7 lens attached, my Lee Filters 100mm set and a tripod. All of the above fit snugly in a ThinkTank Turnstyle 20 sling bag, except the tripod which I carry in my hand. It turned outRead more

Photo Waddle: Osterley Park

Lately, I have felt I cannot take photos as often as I want, which has left me stressed during the weekends trying to do everything at once. It struck me this restriction was self imposed and I decided to bring my camera with me to work a few times each month. I always go for a walk during my lunch break anyway, but haven’t really felt there is much of interest out in Brentford/Osterley where my office is. But, I remembered seeingRead more