The Fuji GFX50S does Landscape Photography

I’m just back from a four day landscape photography workshop on the Isle of Skye with the GFX50S as my travelling companion. Here’s my thoughts on landscape photography with┬áthe GFX50S performed. The Experience I don’t drive. This has never really bothered me until I started with photography. Living in London there is not much need of a car, but it means it is tricky to get to locations without public transport. Attending a workshop seemed liked the easiest short termRead more

Photo Waddle: Porto Day 2

I’m in Porto for a travel photography workshop. Yesterday, I pretty much only got settled in the hotel and took a walk down to the river for an evening meal and a glass of port wine. On my way down there I spotted several nice compositions, all which would require some nice directional light.  When a photographer has a specific light in mind it seems unlikely to happen. I woke up this morning to an overcast sky, and it looksRead more

Photo Waddle: Nymans

This was a different to other waddles as a car was used as the main means of transportation. It’s funny how I never been interested in driving, I don’t find it fun, and I don’t feel I need it. Until I started photography that is. Living in a city like London offers a plethora of wonderful things to photograph, but you are still mostly restricted to urban environments and now for the first time I feel restricted. Having said thatRead more

Oslo City Break – What’s in my bag?

Funny how part of the reason I bought Fuji was to save on weight, but I still ended up taking all my gear with me everywhere I went. That your gear weighs less just seems to mean you bring more and then most of the time I did not use most of it anyway. This is something I have tried to pay more attention to lately and for my street photography I just bring camera plus lens. For portrait workRead more